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Define your project scope

Defining your project objectives

What does this project include? What does it aim to achieve? How will we measure success? What will this project not include? Creating your project scope statement is the first step in ensuring all project stakeholders have clarity on the project outcomes and deliverables.

Below you can find a sample template to create your project scope statement. The sections are broken down by business needs, project objectives, project description, how it meets the business needs, project benefits, project requirements, project deliverables, what the project does not include, success/acceptance criteria, and project assumptions.

To create your project scope using this template, click the link below


Prepare your stakeholder register

Learn more about Stakeholder Register and download your customised template.


How to Partner For Success

Learn more about Partnering for success and download your customised template.


Platform Roles & Access

Learn more about Platform Roles and download your template.

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