Social Talent

Admin Training

Become a SocialTalent expert with our on-demand training courses.


In this Reports course, you’ll learn how to track the progress of users and the team on an ongoing basis. We’ll look at how to use and schedule reports and how to create custom reports. We’ll also cover a summary report for quick engagement and other recommended reports.

Add your own content

This course explains how you can consolidate all of your learning resources on the SocialTalent platform. Learn how to add any medium you like, including TED talks, YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, studies, and more to create custom learning experiences. 

Company Settings

SocialTalent administrators can manage company-level settings from the admin settings section of the platform. In this course, you’ll learn more about the difference between core teams and teams, core team attributes, social and privacy settings, and content settings.

User Management

In this course,  we’ll review user management and role types within the SocialTalent platform. We’ll show you how to bulk upload and update users, add individual users, transfer a license, deactivate a license, send get-started emails, and assign/change the learning path completion date.

Content Management

In this course on Content Management, you’ll learn about the different types of content available on the SocialTalent platform, and how to build and edit Learning Paths and Programs.

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