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Prepare your program dashboard

Program Dashboard - Gantt Chart View

Below is the detailed program dashboard that can be used to view the tasks in each of the phases. Following all the steps outlined here will help keep the program on track by assigning the tasks to relevant stakeholders and adding transparency to the program’s progress. The Gantt chart will help stay on schedule and plan the go-live date of the learning program.  You will work with your CSM to create this document.

To create your program dashboard using this template, click the link below.


Prepare your Roles & Responsibilities (RACI)

Learn more about Roles & Responsibilities (RACI) and download your customised template.


Prepare your program success indicators

Learn more about Program Success Indicators and download your customised template.


Prepare your program communications

Learn more about Program Communications and download your customised template.


Email Templates and Notifications

Learn more about Email Notifications Templates and download your customised template.

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